Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Spurgeon on Christmas

"I hold it to be one of the greatest absurdities under heaven to think that there is any religion in keeping Christmas-day." Charles H. Spurgeon

In searching for provocative Christmas quotes I ran across this one online. I believe there was much that played into the opinion of Mr. Spurgeon, the religious culture around him of course. At first glance you want to disagree with him don't you? I must say that merely "keeping" Christmas has no spiritual benefit whatsoever. But, as Christians we celebrate the resurrection of Christ, it is proper and right to recognize the miraculous birth of our Savior as well. The incarnation is a vital piece in our theology. However, we gain no merit or improved standing with God by celebrating Christmas. Think of those multitudes that will gather in the coming days for a special church service...probably only the second or third time this year (the others being Easter and Mother's Day). What a mockery they make of the Savior. Let's examine our motives for "keeping" Christmas.

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