Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Two Moms?

According to the Washington Post, VP Dick Cheney's daughter is having a baby. Normally that would be reason to celebrate. But there is nothing normal about this scenario. Cheney's daughter, Mary, is a homosexual. Although not shocking (little shocks us anymore), this is certainly troubling.

Who is the real loser in this situation? Well, from my vantage point there are several. I am a dad with three daughters. It seems that the biological father is hurt. He will not have an opportunity to be a father. He is cast aside as merely a "donor" in this situation. The child certainly is hurt as well. This child will never have the vital influence of a father. This child will never know, in the truest sense, what a family is. Granted, there are those who live in disjointed, dysfunctional, disorganized homes and fare okay. However, the point here is that these two women have deliberately chosen this path for the child. The two "moms" are impacted by this decision too. This just adds another layer of delusion to their already complicated relationship. While they may consider themselves both mothers and seek to function in this role, they are outside the bounds of God's design for a family. Hence, it will never work. At least not properly. Finally, our society takes yet another hit. Another dent in the structure of the American family.

It is simply not possible to continue to seek the path to destruction, walking contrary to the revealed will of Almighty God, and hope to prosper. As believers we can not stand in silence while all along "the emperor's daughter has no clothes." At the end of the day we must proclaim the gospel as the answer to this and every troubling situation. It is the righteousness of Christ that is required to "clothe" all of us for right living and right standing before a Holy God. Then and only then will families be healed and lives restored.


Anonymous said...

Jon -
I like your blog ... short, concise, and to the point. Keep up the good words!
Rob G.

Brian said...


I had not heard about this. The newbie enters the fray and beats the older-timers to the dateline!

Your analysis is spot on. Mary Cheney is no different than other moms in a "two-mom" family, except she is famous. Still, a high-profile story brings the issue again to the front lines. We must hold fast to the truth.

Quite a nice blog overall.