Monday, January 8, 2007

Chimes from the Steeple

As I sit here (literally, Under the Steeple) I am listening to the chimes as they play. They play 3-4 hymns every day at noon and 6pm. The chimes can be heard for quite a distance and many in our community have commented on how much they appreciate and enjoy them. However, we have had two calls in reference to the chimes that have been quite negative. One man complained (he left a msg on our voice mail) that he could not hear the birds sing while sitting on his deck because of our horrible bells. He was adamant that something must be done to stop them. One neighbor told me, in person, that our bells were "evil." As somewhat of a compromise (because I am eager to bend to the wishes of an outraged, atheist neighbor), I am considering broadcasting an MP3 of the Sunday sermon over the speaker system instead of the chimes. Wonder if anyone would notice? Just thinking of new ways to approach ministry in 2007. It's a shame to have this modern technology and not put it to good use.

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