Thursday, January 25, 2007

Crisis brings clarity

Dr. Albert Mohler, President of Southern Seminary, recently went through a personal, medical crisis. He has only in the last few days begun posting to his blog again. One of his recent articles, which you can read in full on his site, speaks to the lessons he has learned following his time in the ICU. Here is just a sample:

"There never was a moment when my life was not, or is not, in His hands. What happened to me was not a freak medical accident, but something God intended as good for me. I was safe, though I was admittedly scared."

I commend to you this article. Many will agree, Dr. Mohler is one of the sharpest minds in the evangelical community today. He is able to clearly articulate his position on a myriad of important and complex issues. Yet, he has testified to what happens when we come face to face with our frailty. Accordingly, that is when we gain the most clarity.

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Sandra White - Mom, Gran said...

Jon, I read the article by Dr. Mohler; I was reminded of my own feelings a couple of years ago, during the stroke. What a blessing to know that God is in control, always, and especially in an emergency - He is as close as the breath we breathe. His peace is like a warm blanket - I have felt it when I most needed it, and continually to a lesser degree. Thanks for posting the article. Mom