Monday, February 5, 2007

Chopsticks...not the song

Today I ate at the Chinese buffet with my friend. He picked up some chopsticks and proceeded to use them. I was content to use the fork and spoon neatly wrapped and placed on our table. However, I decided to try the chopsticks...(when in Beijing I suppose). Two bites of rice later I reverted back to the standard fork that have used so successfully for the past 40 years. I would still be sitting there trying to get the food into my mouth. (Has anyone patented the chopstick diet? You stop eating because you are frustrated with the utensils...lose 10 lbs in the first week!) It's 2007, why would we still eat with two skinny pieces of wood when there are perfectly good forks available. Things like this baffle me. As another friend would say, "madness!"

[It's a slow news day and I'm too lazy to find anything meaningful to post.]


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Perhaps I will start a "chopsticks church!"