Thursday, February 22, 2007

Movie Night at FBC

Tomorrow night our church will be showing the film "Facing the Giants." It is a very good movie that was produced by a church in Georgia. It is clearly low budget, which will be distracting to some die hard moviegoers, but overall the message far outweighs any weakness in the acting. All of the cast members are volunteers that are connected to the church or its community. The director/lead actor is a church staffer. I read that the budget was around $1 million. The sound and cinematography are very good quality. But, what sets this movie apart is the very bold presentation of the gospel. Apparently upon release it was shown in over 600 theaters nationwide. Now it is out on DVD. Think about it. How many people have been exposed to the gospel because of this film? A pastor friend of mine said he saw it in the theater. He watched one couple walk out of the theater during the movie complaining that there was "too much God" in the film. Poor souls.

Certainly our culture is driven by media and entertainment. This fact is usually a real point of contention for evangelicals. However, if the product is good, and solid theologically, ministries should take full advantage of the resources available to share the message of Jesus Christ.

I don't know how many folks will join us for the movie here at First Baptist Church. I do know that God is able to use a non-traditional venue to reach those outside of Christ. I pray that he will use this event for His glory and the furtherance of the gospel.

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