Friday, March 16, 2007

Mohler at the center of firestorm

Yesterday someone pointed out a headline on the front page of the Courier-Journal. It read, "Mohler: Babies may be born gay." (finally found the link here) It was obviously meant to be provocative. Prior to reading the C-J article, I read Dr. Mohler's post to his blog that was the source. Funny how the two were slightly different. Today, Dr. Mohler responds to what has become an apparent firestorm on the issue of homosexuality.

By and large the Church has done a very poor job on the issue of homosexuality. Conservative evangelicals have simply said, "Hey, it's a big sin, maybe bigger than many others," and preached hard against it. I affirm the biblical understanding that homosexuality is a sin. But, I also affirm that we are all sinners. The temptations that you and I struggle with may not be attraction to those of the same sex. Nonetheless, your sin and my sin must be under the blood of Christ or we are without hope.

God in his grace has provided a way for mankind to be reconciled to him, regardless of the depths to which we have plunged. The man that is standing neck-deep in sin is just as lost as the man that only dipped his toe in the murky waters. The only rescue for either is faith in Christ alone and genuine repentance. Thank God for his grace! My prayer is "Lord, help me to have compassion and a burden for those struggling in sin." Someone had a burden for me.

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