Monday, April 9, 2007

Huggins and WVU Hoops

West Virginia University has just announced the hiring of a new men's basketball coach. You can read some details here from the conservative Charleston newspaper.

I am not a WVU graduate, (although I could have nearly had an associates degree based on time spent there for parties/ballgames) but I am a native West Virginian. I have really enjoyed following WVU basketball for the past several years with the rise of the 1-3-1 zone defense and 3 point bombs, exciting stuff. Sorry to see John Beilein leave the "Mountain State."

Enter Bobby Huggins. I want to be perfectly clear: I'm not thrilled with this move by WVU. Although they didn't consult with me, surprising I know. Huggins is notorious for running a "thug" type program that features players with lots of skill and even more attitude. He has a win-at-all-costs persona and his coaching career has been tarnished with negative headlines and NCAA sanctions. But, he is a home-grown guy who is also a proven winner.

Huggins style of play does not match the current players on the Mountaineer roster. It might be messy in Morgantown in the coming months. I can say for certain, I will never be a Huggins fan. For now, this Mountaineer will take a wait and see. My guess is, Huggins will have players doing jail time before he ever takes WVU to the Final Four. Am I being negative? We shall see.

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