Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Deep and Wide

It is obvious from the response to yesterday's post that practical issues in the life of the church are intriguing to many. We can cram our heads full of theology but at the end of the day we must put "legs" on our Christianity. We must strive to plumb the depths of God's grace and provision in Christ. However, our hearts must widen to understand and address the needs and struggles of others.

This week I will preach on God's love for us and our love for others. While many have gone off the deep end with a Christianity that is soft on sin and tolerant of too much, some of us have missed the boat when it comes to godly love.

All of this is intertwined as we seek to minster to the lost and the saved alike. As followers of Christ we should love the lost enough to share Christ with them. Furthermore, we should love our fellow Christians enough to hold them accountable and encourage them towards personal holiness and authenticity.

Yesterday my dear friend, heartbroken and frustrated, asked for insight. Over the course of about 24 hours others whom I have grown to love in the Lord responded with honesty and clarity. We heard from a missionary in Ireland who is toiling in a new culture, a first-time pastor in Arizona who by God's grace is reaching those in the desert, a student/minister in Chicago who will soon graduate and step out into the world of real life, an overworked Dad in PA that is seeking to live a genuine Christian life in the midst of all the stuff the world throws at us, a musician/minister from KY that desires to see real Christians live like real Christians, a church planter/student/father in LA that has a heart for the local church that has gone off course, and a co-laborer/Pastor in my own community that is seeking a ministry that is driven solely by God's Word. Praise God for each one whose heart is tuned toward our Redeemer.

Our efforts are not futile if our focus is the gospel and our goal is God's glory!

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