Friday, June 8, 2007

Building Community

Are we really building community in our churches? Maybe we are preaching truth. Maybe we are enjoying enthusiastic music and worship. Maybe we are doing evangelism. But, without a sense of community these things are merely actions. Maybe actions done in obedience but possible in a very weak context. People in our culture long for authentic relationships and community.

These thoughts came to mind as I read a recent post by Dr. Michael Haykin. Insightful words from this historian. Words that should challenge each of us to examine the context in which we are worshiping and ministering.

Are we simply going through the motions, "playing church," or are we part of an effort to build a community of disciples?


Brian L said...

I think that it is easy to build community. Every church I've belonged to as I've moved about the country has had a good sense of community.

The hard part is building (the way you phrased it in the last sentence) a community of disciples. That is the great challenge of 21st Century American churches.

Chris said...

My wife and I had this discussion just this last week. I dont think all churches have a sense of community; at least mine doesnt. We dont rejoice when others rejoice and cry when they cry. We might inside the church but as soon as our feet hit the last step on the way out we are all too consumed with our own lives yet again. I am not quite sure how to build that community and family that we should have in a church but I am on a mission to seek the Lord for answers!

Jon Cyrus said...

I think this is another important issue. Brian feels building community is easy, Chris hasn't seen it where he currently is. I think Brian is right about the issue of making disciples. That is the charge of the Great Commission. Genuine disciples will be able to bear one anothers burdens and think of others more than themselves. We must be authentic, honest and transparent with each other. Our level of devotion to the Lord will likely be reflected in our devotion to others.