Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Take 2 Asprin and Call Me in the Morning, I'll Pray for You

Brian LeStourgeon has a very good post related to depression and our culture. How do believers engage the culture at this point? Is the church doing what we must do to reduce the "pill popping?" Is there a genuine need for anti-depressants, even among those who are truly converted? Before you answer these questions I urge you to read Brian's post.

[Brian also beat me to the punch on the latest from the Pope, good blogging B.]


Devin said...

i sure am glad that you are only touching on the minor drugs. Thant makes me feel good! However, I have found out that the major drugs seem to cause problems also! Like when my wife slipped me some crack! I began to lay hands on folks and speak in another tounge!! Isn't it funny what drugs can do? Just look at some of the big names on TV.

Jon Cyrus said...

Why am I not surprised? There is something in that water down south!