Monday, August 6, 2007

The Genuine Article

Many today cry for "diversity." I suppose it has its place. However, when it comes to Christians, while there are many shapes, colors and ages, there is only one type of genuine believer. Those who have embraced the cross of Jesus Christ by faith as their only hope of salvation. Have you noticed though that there does seem to be some diversity among folks that attend our churches?

I'll share with you some insight on this topic I gained from Richard Bewes. He has penned a handy little volume entitled "150 Pocket Thoughts: Let The Bible Reinvigorate Your Day." Here's what he says:

"There are different kinds of believers found in every church. Some people are Mis-believers. They've picked up various bits of Christianity along the way, but it's all a jumble, and they would never be able to make a clear explanation of what they believe...Some among us are Make-believers. They may have joined the church, but they are deluded as to what a real Christian is...others are Half-believers. When things are going well, you will see them in church...we even find Fake-believers in the church. They are there for what they can get out of it...their faith is only a con." pg. 124 (I have edited this piece, but only for brevity. The content and message has not been altered.)

Look around your church. What do you see? Better yet, check that guy in the mirror. It is right for each of us to examine our faith. See if yours is the genuine article.

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