Friday, August 31, 2007

Michael Vick Finds Jesus

Earlier in the week I watched Mike Vick speak following his hearing. He said many things about being sorry for his immature actions. He spoke without a prepared text and sounded genuine. Toward the end of his statement he said, "I have found Jesus...turned my life over to God." (Maybe not an exact quote but close)

Of course my first thought, being the sarcastic Christian that I am, was 'I didn't know Jesus was lost.' I quickly confessed my critical thoughts and began to ponder these words from this troubled man. After a few minutes, my reaction has changed. My opinion on this statement by Vick is this: I hope he has, found Jesus I mean. At the end of the day that's his only hope. Mine too.

Time and time again we see that the fame and fortune of this world will not ultimately satisfy. More than that, it is not the satisfaction of this life that is of utmost importance. Clearly this life with all its trappings is fleeting. You might say it is like a vapor.

We must get an eternal perspective on things. I hope Mr. Vick is on the right path.


Brian LeStourgeon said...

'I didn't know Jesus was lost.'

Ha, ha. Hilarious. I guess I have to go confess now as well.

This is a good pastor-blog, Jon.

Jon Cyrus said...

If for nobody else but you and me Brian, thanks for staying in touch. Although I think others slip in Under the Steeple and "scan the headlines" I'm not certain anyone is really reading.

But, my "cluster map" tells me that I'm reaching the world! Who knew?

jim c. said...

I'm reading, Jack. Sorry haven't responded in a while.

As you can imagine, Michael's exploits have been quite a disappointment to Sandy and I and all of our Hokie friends. Mike was someone we looked up too . . .

I'll write more later. Take care, Jim