Thursday, August 2, 2007

Missions - Our Jeruselum

Our church spent five days last week working with about 25 inner-city kids on the west side of Louisville. It was an awesome experience. At the end of the week everyone was wiped out, but also wonderfully blessed.

We spent our time at the Baptist Fellowship Center. This organization does a lot of hands on ministry with folks in need. During the summer they have a six week day camp type program for school aged kids. They sent requests for help to over 300 churches in the Louisville area. They received one response, from our church. I say that only to point out that often we overlook great opportunities to serve and minister. I am so glad that we decided to partner with this ministry and reach out to these kids.

The pictures don't do justice to this project. We did much of our Vacation Bible School stuff with them. This included Bible stories, games, crafts, music and missions. The theme of "Game Day Central" is all about being real heroes and following God's game plan. The children we met were in many respects like all other children. They are bombarded with the messages of the world and drawn towards the traps of our culture. I pray that seeds were planted that will bring forth fruit that leads to faith and repentance toward God. The kids were rambunctious, loud, loving, fun, energetic and so sweet. After just a few hours I grew to love these little kids. Please pray for them and for the ministry that is continuing in this part of our city. May God be glorified!

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Brian said...

Yes! Excellent work! This is what we are supposed to be doing. Proud of you padre'.

Kudos to you for working with BFM. They are trying to do good work for the gospel in inner Louisville, but have little support from local churches. If I had stayed in the area, I'd see how I could partner with them as well.

Keep the faith, my brother - and may your "Jerusalem" come to praise Jesus as Lord with one voice.