Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Demands of Ministry

I am blessed to serve in a wonderful local church. While I often feel unprepared and inept, I believed the Lord has called me to this ministry. There are weeks that fly by and very little happens other than the normal 'day to day.' This week is very different. I am, and will be, stretched by the demands of ministry.

It is at times like this that I must lean more and more upon the Lord. During my years at seminary there were many times it seemed virtually impossible to accomplish the multitude of tasks. I would pray, 'Lord, if this work is going to get done, you must do it.' The work was always done. God is amazing, because frankly I am not that sharp.

The danger for the pastor is to be deceived by the demands of ministry. Often we can substitute busyness for true devotion to Christ. Ministry tasks can interfere with our personal time with the Lord, all in the name of our calling. When this happens we will not only be overwhelmed, but we will be spiritually depleted. I have stumbled on this path before.

Thad has a very helpful post that speaks to the importance of the pastors relationship to Christ. The message of this post may serve to encourage and challenge pastors especially during these demanding times. Read it and share it with your pastor.

I must go now. No time for blogging.

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