Thursday, October 18, 2007

Fall is My Favorite Season

I have to say that Fall is my favorite time of year. The breeze turns a bit cool and the leaves are ablaze with color. Shorts and t-shirts are replaced with jeans and comfortable sweaters. In my home state of West Virginia the hills are so vivid and remind me of the power and glory of God.

Many, here locally, are concerned that because of the drought conditions there will be little or no color this Fall. The fear is that the leaves will simply turn a dingy brown and fall unceremoniously to the ground. This "non event" will usher in the grey days of winter. A cold and quiet time.

I can't help but see illustrations of the Christian life here. Have you ever gone through a dry spell in your walk with the Lord? I certainly have. Continual dryness will lead us not to a blaze of glory, but to a dingy brown, drifting and falling. It is this danger that should prompt us to seek the face of the Lord and the strength of his Word all the more. At the hint of a drought we should rush to the source of living water and plunge in deep.

It is a challenge. It is a daily pursuit. And it will lead us into a joyful life that is ablaze with the Glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.

[The picture above captures the beauty of Babcock State Park - where else? West Virginia!]

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