Wednesday, October 24, 2007

What About Huckabee?

I have been listening to the "talking heads" as they speculate about presidential candidates both Democrat and Republican. I have yet to come to any definite conclusions about who I could support on the Republican side. I am however quite intrigued with Mike Huckabee. Many people, who profess to know about such matters, are complaining that Gov. Huckabee has not raised enough money. I suppose that may be an indicator of the level of support he has gotten from conservatives.

Here's what I think about the guy: He was not born into politics or raised as an upper class, prep school, brat. When he talks about his faith he is not trying to impress or influence, he is being genuine. He has a very good self presentation that is not overly coached or forced. He has solid leadership experience and actually worked for a living before he held an elected office. He is on the right side of most issues that are important many Americans. All of these aforementioned items make him attractive to the "Regular Joes" in both parties. He is however clearly a dark horse.

I am not saying that I endorse this candidate. However, my interest has been piqued by what I have heard and seen about Mike Huckabee.

This web page (I found via Tim Challis' page) will provide you with some good info on Huckabee. Also, this is a link to Huckabee's campaign page. The political plot is getting pretty thick.


Thad said...

He may be a long shot right now, but I like what I've seen in him.

Jon Cyrus said...

Thanks for commenting Thad. It will be very interesting as the candidates begin to show their true colors. I read today, not sure where, that Huckabee might be viewed as a good VP for Rudy.

Brian said...

I am also interested in Huckabee. I would like to see him get a fair hearing.

I would not vote for Gulliani just to get Huckabee as a VP however.

I think Romney-Huckabee would be a very winsome ticket to a large population, with Huckabee moderating the Mormon cringe factor.

More interesting would be Huckabee-Paul - the double dark horse - Average Joes for the Average Joes...