Friday, November 9, 2007

Answer: Rich Rodriguez

Question: Who was the only guy yelling more than I was during the WVU-Louisville game last night?

I suppose a win is a win, but it was ugly. Penalties, poor tackling and fumbles all over the field. No gloating from this Mountaineer fan. It sure would have been tough to face the congregation on Sunday if the 'Eers didn't win. I had to endure that last season. This is shaping up to be a pretty fierce rivalry. I'm afraid the basketball version may not turn out so well for the Blue & Gold.


Jim C said...

Hey Jack,

I thought for a minute it was the Hokies out there, giving away the game in the 4th Q.

Actually, I heard a rumor that it might be the Mounties and the Hokies in the Orange Bowl this year (assuming we get past Miami and UVA and win the ACC). Wouldn't that be cool.

Jon Cyrus said...

That would be an interesting matchup. I have yet to hear any of those bowl rumors. WVU has their work cut out for them. Big test at Cincy this week.

I was pleased to see your Hokies win against the Seminoles. Knew you were too.