Tuesday, November 6, 2007


I read several blogs. But, the ones listed on my blog roll are of course my "standards." Today I was struck by a thread that seemed to run through two of these blogs. Read Ian's page and Thad's page and see if you detect a similar theme. Maybe it's just my weird way of thinking, who knows?

While these two posts are not identical, I believe they both speak to our need for introspection. I'm not talking about merely self examination. (Navel gazing?) I am of course taking about looking at our life over against the fixed standard of the gospel and Christ.

Nearly always when I do this I am brought to a place of humility. And I find myself marveling all the more at the boundless grace of God experienced by me a wretched sinner. Try a little introspection today. Compare yourself with the "ideal" and see how you stack up.

Update: See what Mr. Spurgeon had to say today. Good stuff.

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