Thursday, November 15, 2007

Quotable Baxter - For Pastors

"In the name of God, brethren, labour to awaken your own hearts, before you go to the pulpit, that you may be fit to awaken the hearts of sinners. Remember they must be awakened or damned, and that a sleepy preacher will hardly awaken drowsy sinners." Richard Baxter, The Reformed Pastor

Nothing like a little Baxter to challenge you heading into the weekend!

[the picture is not Baxter's pulpit, I just thought it was kind of cool]


Chris Sizemore said...

I would kill myself trying to preach from that pulpit with those stairs!

Jon Cyrus said...

It certainly doesn't leave much room to roam around. I'm "prone to wonder" when I preach so I'd be out of luck. Notice the chain at the bottom of the stairs. Not sure if that is to keep the preacher in or others out.