Thursday, January 3, 2008

Great Day To Be A Mountaineer

I must say, today is a great day for those of us who have roots in West Virginia. Big win for the Mountaineers last night against Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl. A few hours later, WVU named a new head football coach. Naysayers have expressed disappointment that the university didn't hire a big name or an up-and-coming hot shot. You have to understand, in WV loyalty and integrity are very important. Bill Stewart appears to have both. Those traits plus over 30 years of coaching experience earned him the top job. He also performed very well in the glare of the national spotlight last night. That didn't hurt.

Incidentally, he and I are both graduates of the very prestigious "college on the hill," Fairmont State. No doubt that played a big role in his hire as well.

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Jim C said...

Hey Jack -

What a game!!! Makes me even more homesick . . .

I had a favorite name for head coach, like most people - mine was Doc Holliday (we go to church camp with his parents and neices/nephews) - but I felt good about the pick after watching his demeanor and enthusiasm on the sidelines. Looking forward to watching Coach Stewart next year.