Friday, February 1, 2008

We Have Power

I had to wait three days before I could write this post. On Tuesday night a strong storm passed through Louisville and we lost our power. Sixty-four hours later all has been restored. For three nights our family huddled in our little house in the pretty, but not so warm, glow of candlelight. Since our house is only about 150 feet from the church (and the church had partial electricity) we ran a very long extension cord to the house in order to have limited power. Actually we had to save the fish, priorities you know. So, we have been without electricity, hot water and heat for three days and it has been a challenge.

Spiritually speaking, as those who are in Christ, we have the ultimate power source. Scripture is clear that all power belongs to God. Those who are in a right relationship with Him, through Christ, are have His power.

We need not look to another source. Christ is all we need. The world, great books, friends, money, sex, career and on the list goes, will never be enough. Just like the extenstion cord we used recently provided us with some power, ultimately it was not sufficient for our needs.

Tonight our family will enjoy a comfortable evening in a cozy warm house, because we have power. Moreover, I am comforted to know that through faith in Christ I am plugged in to the primary power source. That truth is much more comforting.


Thad Noyes said...


Wow! I'm glad that during this trial you saw the value of staying "plugged in" to your local church! :)

I am so sorry to hear that you were without power for so long, but thankful for the lessons gleaned from it that you shared.

Jon Cyrus said...

Only if everyone would see the value of it. Ha. Thanks Brother.