Friday, April 18, 2008

A Few T4G '08 Thoughts

"Together For the Gospel" or T4G for short, was an energizing and spiritually refreshing experience. I am still processing all that I heard and all that God sealed to my heart.

Tim Challies has a great recap as he was "live blogging" from here in Louisville. He has included some video from the conference as well as pictures and his commentary. Good stuff. If you are a pastor, and did not attend the conference, beware you may become envious. ;) With good reason.

You can listen to the conference messages here. I commend them all to you. Every message was gospel-centered (duh!) and so rich. However, there were a few that stood out for me personally.

1) Thabiti Anyabwile on bearing the image of God, a fresh perspective on ethnicity and the gospel.
2) John MacArthur on the complete inability of a sinner to come to Christ, he provided such clarity on this foundational truth.
3) C. J. Mahaney with encouraging words for pastors from the life/ministry of Paul as seen in Phil. 1:3-8.

One of the more tangible blessings of the conference was the 15 or 16 FREE books that I now have in my library. A mountain of reading that I will begin to plow through very soon.

Additionally, I spent 3 days with Mike who will be officially joining our family next month when he marries my niece Rachel. It was such a blessing to talk with him and to be encouraged by his heart for the Lord. (Thank you Brother!) I also made a few new friends and visited with fellow SBTS grad/blogger Thad. I await his comments on T4G as well.

The gospel is the power of God for salvation. We must be clear about it. We must share it. We must rejoice in it. Therefore, it is imperative that we "keep the main thing, the main thing."

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