Friday, May 9, 2008

Mountian Momma

It is Mother's Day weekend. In fact, this is the 100th anniversary of the holiday. I hope my mother got the card we mailed. She is in WV. Our family will be gathering for "the big wedding" next weekend so I'll see my mom then. She's the best mom I ever had!

I just read in the Charleston Daily Mail that a mother from West Virginia has been named National Mother of the Year, Jo Blackwood. I am acquainted with this lady...although she may not know it. I used to work at the University of Charleston where she and her husband are on the faculty.

Of course everyone knows that Mother's Day has it's roots in my home state. The above mentioned article provides the details:

"It seems only fitting that a lady from the Mountain State earned top honors on this historic anniversary of the holiday. The idea for Mother's Day in the United States was conceived by a West Virginian, Ann Maria Reeves Jarvis, in the summer of 1865. Her daughter, Anna Jarvis, coordinated the first official celebration in Grafton on May 10, 1908."

I never cease to be amazed that such greatness has come from those WV hills. So, enjoy your Mother's Day weekend. And think of West Virginia. I know I will.

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