Monday, October 27, 2008

It's Time to Pray

In the Apostle Paul's closing words in his first letter to the Thessalonian church he included this little phrase: "pray without ceasing."

I have said many times, "I'm not very smart." Consequently, I read such a verse in scripture and believe that it means what it says. What are the implications for me then?

I suppose I have one option, pray.

Pray today and tonight and tomorrow and the rest of the week. Pray for my family, my church and my country. Pray in thanksgiving for all that God has done. Pray in praise to God for all that He is. Pray as an intercessor for those who are hurting. Pray for the hundreds of unbelievers in our community. Pray that the Lord would give me courage to share Christ with them. Pray for my children. Pray for guidance to parent them and teach them about the Lord Jesus. Pray for wisdom to teach God's Word in an accurate way. Pray for protection against the traps of the enemy. Pray for others who I know who are ministering to churches around the country. Pray for the missionaries who are attempting to share the gospel with the world. Pray for you, as you read these words.

You get the idea I suppose. The list above is just a small sampling of how we can pray. The task is great. The joy is greater. Now, it's time to pray!

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