Thursday, April 29, 2010

Those We Love

Today while driving I was listening to Christian radio. I enjoy the contemporary Christian music and no commercials on this particular station (nationwide conglomerate that I will not link to).

You know how the DJ often speaks to the theme of the upcoming song, as a way of introduction. Usually the comments are very general and they are intended to encourage, and they often do. But today was a bit different.

The DJ spoke to the issue of praying for those we love who are not yet saved. To that point I was in full agreement with her words of exhortation. I have family members who are lost. Some I've have be praying for for years. The DJ then quoted Acts 16:31, "Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved, you and your household." (Emphasis made by the DJ) She pointed to the last part of the verse, in light of our unsaved family members, and exclaimed "That is a promise from God!" As if we can be assured that since we are saved, they will be too. I was very perplexed. She wasn't speaking of infant baptism at all. She made no reference to our family members need for repentance and faith. She was claiming this verse as a promise that we can hold God to as we pray for those we love who are unconverted. She seemed to take this as a certainty that just hasn't happened yet, so therefore we just pray and wait.

I almost wrecked my car.

Clearly, Paul's intent is that all of those in the household of the Philippian Jailer, who heard and believed the gospel would be saved. In the context (ref. Acts 16:14), we also can safely assume that the Holy Spirit works to "open the heart." The implications are the same for those of our household. Yes, we pray and do so with urgency and faith! Believing that God is willing and able to save those who come to Him by faith. But, God is not obligated to save my lost loved-one simply because he was gracious to me.

I honestly hope that I misheard the words of this DJ, or that she intended something else. But, there is a lot of "odd" theology out there. Much of it based on what we 'hope' or what we would do if we were God.

Even in light of this theological blunder, that was broadcast to millions of unsuspecting listeners, I will continue to pray for my friends and family. I will pray that the Lord will have mercy on them. I will ask Him to open their hearts and their blinded eyes. I will pray that they will hear, with new ears, the message that salvation is found in Christ alone. I will ask my Heavenly Father to give them faith to believe the gospel. And I will pray all of this in faith, resting in His Sovereign grace and goodness.

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