Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dealing with Anxiety & Fear

Ed Welch provides very helpful insights (here) for dealing with anxiety and fear from a biblical perspective. He uses familiar verses from 1 Peter 5 as a launching pad for seeking God in the midst of these struggles. The linchpin, according to Welch, is humility before God. Recognizing Him as our Sovereign King is the first step in dealing with these matters. As Sovereign, God rules over all things. That includes our struggles, doubts, fears and anxiety. We are recipients of so much from His hand and quite undeserving of all of it.

Here is the prayer that Welch has prayed in the midst of such struggles in his own life:
"Lord, you are God and King. I am your servant. I know you owe me nothing. For some reason you have given me everything in Jesus. I trust you. And please give me grace to trust you...Father, forgive me for always wanting things my way. By your mighty hand you have created all things. And by your mighty hand you have rescued your people. I want to live under your mighty hand. Please have mercy."
This is good information to use in our own lives or share with others who may be struggling.

HT: Justin Taylor

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