Thursday, January 31, 2013

My Sad Little Blog

I made a short list of commitments for 2013 (no I won't be sharing them).  However, I did not resolve to blog more regularly.  Perhaps I should have.  But that does not mean I am prepared to scrap this sad little corner of the blogasphere.  I will press on and attempt to post here more frequently.  For now, I will leave you with a few reasons that I have failed to be persistent in blogging.

1) Out of sight, out of mind - While I'm on my computer often throughout the day, I rarely view my own blog.  I suspect very few others do either.

2) Time keeps on slip'n, slip'n, slip'n... - I have no idea where the hours and days go.  It seems we all have been allotted 24 hours per day.  Mine simply vanish before I'm able to accomplish such things as blogging.

3) Empty mind - When I do recall that I am the proud owner of a little-used space on the world-wide-web, I find that I have nothing to say.  Oh, I have lots of stuff in my head.  I just think no one wants to read about it.

4) Forever is a long time - Someone once reminded me that anything I post on the Internet will be there forever.  That's a bit overwhelming.  Especially when I'm aware that some of the things I write might have grammar issues or weak arguments.  Forever is a long time to be wrong.

That's it.  At least I have posted something here before the first month of the new year has officially expired.  If you are reading this on purpose, thanks for visiting and I will attempt to share some rich insights very soon.  If you are one of those loser spammers who posts comments that I always delete, well I'm not going to buy your miracle juice or "vitamins" so give up already.  And I'm certainly not going to visit your sad little blog.

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Lisa said...

Yay!! You are such a good writer and I am not a bit bias!! Keep writing. Write what's in your heart...keep it real!!