Monday, February 18, 2013

Why Men Oppose the Bible

Many who articulate an opposition to the Bible do so by dismissing it as merely "a book written by men."  Of course men were the vessels used by God.  Still others claim the Bible is simply an ancient relic and not valid for modern times.  However, I submit there is something much deeper that causes men to oppose the Bible.

Here are four reasons men oppose the Bible:

1) The Bible contains the law of God - this reveals man's sin

2) The Bible proclaims the judgement of God - punishment for man's sin

3) The Bible depicts God as Sovereign - and man is not (and we desperately want to be)

4) The Bible asserts that the only way to God is through Jesus Christ - not works, religion or man's goodness

The irony is that these are some of the very things that we all need to know and understand.  When the Holy Spirit brings us to the point of repentance and faith, these four truths become foundational in our understanding of God, His grace and who we are in Christ.  And God has provided all of this and preserved it for us in His Word.  "Take up and read!"

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