Friday, December 29, 2006

2007 Under the Steeple

About an hour ago my daughter announced her New Year's resolutions. I was a bit surprised, mainly because when I was 10 I didn't do that sort of thing. I have never been one to resolve to "do" or "not do" things starting January 1, at least not out loud. I do believe it is valid to evaluate our lives especially as they relate to the gospel, God's calling on our lives and our conformity to Christ. Having done so we ought to make appropriate adjustments.

I will not announce any resolutions for all the WWW to see. I will however say that, Lord willing, I will continue to write as I sit here "Under the Steeple" and attempt to be relevant and engaging. Those that know me will testify, what you see is what you get. I won't pretend to be some academic hot-shot or theological know-it-all. I am a regular guy, who is a pastor, and family guy that struggles daily and marvels at the grace of God.

In 2007 I will strive to bring glory to my Lord Jesus and love him with my whole heart. The best to you and yours for a wonderful weekend. I'll post again next year!

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