Monday, December 4, 2006

Christ in you, the hope of glory.

One of the best books I have read recently is Tell the Truth by Will Metzger. It was required reading for a seminary class. By the way, I have no more required reading. Metzger suggests two questions that can be effective when dealing with those who have made a profession of faith but may not be genuine possessors of faith. I think these are good questions to ask ourselves from time to time. Here they are: What has Christ done FOR you? and What has Christ done IN you?

Let me challenge you to take time this week to examine your personal experience with the Lord Jesus Christ. Is what you have real? It's good to remind ourselves of what we have, and what we are, 'in Christ!'


BandyFamily said...

Hey Jon,
I'm on brother. I remember well saying "My reading for Seminary is over." Now you get to read books you choose :)
By the way, have you ever read Grace Awakening by Swindoll? The book has been such a blessing to me. I do not like hios attitude at times, but what he has to say is really good. God Bless my friend.


Anonymous said...

If the Lord isn't in you, what he may or, may not have done for you in the long run won't really mean much! Of course if he is in you he is daily doing great things for you. Christ in you the Hope of Glory!