Friday, December 8, 2006


Today I walked across the stage in Alumni Chapel at Southern Seminary and received my diploma. One phase in my journey has been completed. It was a long time coming. The acomplishment can only be attributed to Divine grace. During the first week of my seminary studies in 2002 I recall walking across campus in awe of where the Lord had placed me. Now the real work of ministry commences. To God be the Glory!


Brian said...

Congrats and blessings. Just from the time we worked together I know your purpose is to glorify God and to preach the Gospel. Your testimony and work has honored Him. I look forward to that day as well where the goals that have been set out are completed. May your next goal be accomplished with God's blessings again, as you continue to honor God with HIS mission.

Anonymous said...

Jon, I was glad I was there to see you walk across the stage. I know you have worked hard and I am very proud of you. I know God will bless your ministry and keep you.

Frank Runion