Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Unofficial Statistics

According to my unofficial statistics, there have been exactly three (3) visitors to this site...not including my family/or in-laws.

I am currently seeking the assistance of a major marketing firm to investigate the demographic strategy that will most appeal to my target audience, not.

Actually, I will take the "business as usual" approach. If you visit, please post a comment when you feel inclined. I will make every effort to write articles that are engaging, interesting and truthful.

[Thanks to my fellow SBTS grad "Lestourgeon Online" for the kind words and the props! He's a blogging vet and truly my inspiration. Blog on my brother.]


jake allen said...


Jon Cyrus said...

Actally Jake was formerly my blogging inspiration but he is otherwise occupied at present and has little time to blog. Press on Jake!