Friday, March 30, 2007

WVU NIT Champs!

OK, so it's not the "big" dance. Let's just call it the smaller, less popular dance. However, WVU has ended their season with a win over Clemson in the NIT championship game. Let's Goooooo Mountaineers! (some of you won't get that)

I was searching for an article in this mornings Louisville Courier-Journal (substitute "liberal rag" not worthy of a link) and finally on about page 6 of the sports section there it was, a small obscure paragraph touting the success of WVU in some insignificant tournament. Last time I checked both U of L and UK have been home for more than a week now. (Bitter, party of one)

Like I have said time and time again, when you are from West Virginia there is not much to cheer about. So, when our boys win, we like to talk about it. Even if the spotlight is a bit dimmer in NYC, the Mountaineers are in it.


Brian said...

Ha! Excellent post.

Go Mountaineers, indeed.

JimC said...

While I'm proud of the Mounties (my Hokies where in the NCAAs for about 5 minutes before being sent home!) I think there are a lot more things to cheer about in our home state, Jack!!! The birthplace of Jon Cyrus, for one.

Jon Cyrus said...

I think my Mom would agree with part of that. Of course I love WV, that's home, I'm not really knock'n it. You can only crack on WV if you are from there. I'd defend it against anyone else!