Thursday, May 24, 2007

Celebrate Memorial Day

Memorial Day is not just a day off school or work. Apparently we have lost our perspective on what this holiday is all about, shocking huh? Several years back many called this holiday "decoration day." The original intent was for a day set aside to visit the graves of those who lost their lives in military service. Memorial Day was usually observed on May 30, not the last Monday in May. You may read details about the history of this holiday here.

In our politically correct society we are not encouraged to be patriotic and certainly not encouraged to honor fallen soldiers. We have lost our perspective on many fronts. Is is possible to regain our social, moral, political and ethical bearings? Certainly. How will this be accomplished? Most who read this blog regularly will know the answer to that question.

So, on Monday as you spend time with your family or cookout on the grill - take a moment to remember that men and women have fought and died defending these United States. Fly your flag. A family visit to the cemetery would be an interesting outing. Honor those who have fallen.

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