Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Blogging takes time, today I'll just rant

Because blogging (well) takes time, today I decided to just take a few minutes to "rant." The goal is to just comment on a couple of things and get some ideas out in the open.

I'm very irritated, as most Americans are, with the price of gasoline. I recall vividly the day I first paid $2 for a gallon and could not believe it. Well I've decided to do something about how gas prices effect me personally. While I tried to not buy gas on May 15, that is such a lame attempt to "send a message." Here's a crazy idea: DRIVE LESS. I think I'll give this one a shot. Do you think this is a viable option for many in the U.S.? Like the old guy says, "Walk'n ain't crowded!"

Today I heard Russell Simmons on the Laura Ingraham radio show. (She's a riot by the way.) Of course the topic was the terrible lyrics in rap music etc. Who's buying this trash? I would venture an uneducated guess that teens ages 14-17 buy a ton of rap/hip-hop music. Where are the parents? Simmons claims that the "artists" (note the quotes) should have the freedom to "paint the picture" of the culture, complete with all the struggles and challenges that face minorities and the poor. It is America and they can say what they want. However, if they really see the problems, instead of trash talking about and against everyone, offer some solutions. They obviously have the "ear" of some of the culture. Make it count, instead of adding to the pollution and corruption.

That's all for now. I suppose this was kind of a "culture watch" segment. You won't find too much of that "Under the Steeple."


Brian said...

I walk to work everyday.

Then again, I only live two blocks away.

Jon Cyrus said...

Great minds think alike, I walk to work too. I live about 25 yards away!

I'm glad you're doing your part Brian. More folks should follow your example.

CHRIS said...

My resolution has been to keep my fuel budget the same amount and to drive less friviously.

Here's a religious thought for those of you who still have weekly evening services, at what point will our congregations decide to stay home from "extra" services because of gasoline prices or at least use that as the excuse of the week?

Jon Cyrus said...

If gas gets to $4 a gallon there should be a nationwide moritorium on midweek services. By the way, what Scripture verse is it that commands Wednesday night meetings? Was that Philippians 4:24??