Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Noted Baptist Historian Moving to Louisville

The faculty at Southern Seminary is second to none. During the summer of 2004 I took Baptist History and was blessed to sit under a visiting professor from Toronto Baptist Seminary, Dr. Michael Haykin. Through his lectures and assignments I was exposed to the life and ministry of Andrew Fuller. It was eye opening and quite refreshing. Dr. Haykin emphasized the importance of not only learning names and dates, but allowing the theologians of our denominational heritage to speak to us, guide us and deepen our personal walk/ministry. I later took "Baptist Theologians" with Dr. Haykin and it was even more thought provoking.

Dr. Haykin will be joining the SBTS faculty full time beginning Spring of 2008. You can read the press release from Southern here. A bit more interesting is this post that includes Haykin's letter of resignation from the Canadian seminary.

This hire is yet another academic coup for Dr. Mohler, and it will also be a huge blessing to the students. I may have to go back to school. Okay, maybe not.

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Brian said...

Louisville's gain indeed. If SBTS keeps taking all of the conservative theologians from Canada, who will be left to teach the Canadians?

Good post - love the secondary link from the fellow professor. UtS is producing higher quality blogging all the time!