Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Jerry Falwell's Epitaph

Lots of folks are talking about the recent death of Jerry Falwell. He was a figure that cast a pretty big shadow on the American landscape over the last 25 years or so. Although he was at times controversial, I believe he loved the Lord Jesus and he made a major impact on modern Christianity in the United States.

I stumbled upon a sermon that he delivered at Liberty University at the opening of a new semester in spring of 2006. While it was a typical address to new students, I found the following words interesting for us today.

"What epitaph do you want on your tombstone? Well, you got to earn it. I’ll tell you what I want and I’m praying God will allow me to live up to it: “Godly husband, father, grandfather, pastor, patriot and Christian educator.” That’s what I’ve tried to be all my life."

Soon Dr. Falwell's epitaph will be engraved on his tombstone, if it hasn't happened already. Although most of us fail to realize it, we write our own epitaph on a daily basis through the things that we say and the deeds that we do. Much of what we focus on and much of what we do is of little importance from an eternal perspective. As followers of Jesus Christ we ought to examine our actions against the message of the gospel and in the light of Scripture. Falwell asks a good question. What will be your epitaph?


chris said...

Certainly a mighty oak has fallen. I often disagreed with Dr Falwell's tactics, but I too believe he was sincere in his devotion to the Lord the the Gospel. The faith has lost a great man...may the Lord send us a Joshua!

Jon Cyrus said...

Glad to see you are reading the words, thoughts and questions that I post here "Under the Steeple" in my little corner of the web.

Blessings to you my Brother and co-laborer in the work.