Tuesday, August 21, 2007

TV Programs and Sponsors

A follow up to my previous post. I did receive an email response from an executive with Kohls. They are a sponsor for ABC Family and are prominently displayed as such on the ABC Family web page. According to this individual: "Kohls has no involvement with the comments made during ABC Family programs." That is likely code for: "It's not our fault, we're just trying to sell clothing and household goods." [In all fairness, note I have provided links for all parties.]

While I am certain Kohls has nothing to do with programming, they are able too influence a network with dollars. If Kohls and other major sponsors began to pull back from certain networks/or programs there would be changes made (see any recent news article concerning Don Imus).

I'm not really about boycotts and things like that. I believe Christians have a responsibility to engage the culture and there is no bigger force in our culture than the media.
Please note the very clever cartoon by Roy Nixon! I don't know Mr. Nixon but I liked the sentiment of his work in this case.

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