Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Unconverted Sinners

It is clear that everyone is a sinner. Scripture points this out. Moreover, look around. What a messed up place this world is. Unconverted sinners are those that have not experienced the work of God in their hearts. This may include even those who are religious.

I ran across the following quote by Ichabod Spencer d. 1854. Spencer was a pastor with exceptional gifts for ministry and evangelism. His was a different era. But, while things have changed, the hearts of men have not. So, read and reflect on the words of an evangelist of days gone by.

"It is important for convicted sinners to know, that the cause for their irreligion is not, that Christ is not willing to receive them, but that they are not willing to trust in him." Spencer, A Pastor's Sketches:Conversations with Anxious Souls Concerning the Way of Salvation, pg. 66

How does conviction come? What makes them willing? While these questions are worth discussing, it would be better for us to spend our energy seeking unconverted sinners and sharing with them the matchless grace of God. Did someone share with you?

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