Friday, September 28, 2007

Christ on Display

You may have read last week that Dr. John Piper's granddaughter Felicity was stillborn. She was full term. My heart broke as I read some of the details of this situation.

This morning I read a post on Piper's blog that contained his comments at the funeral service. Below I have included two sections that, for me, were the most captivating.

Here are the words he shared with the baby's mother:

"For her entire life she depended on you more than anyone. You fed her, you cleansed her, you supported her, you protected her, you knew her better than anyone. The grace that God has given you to love her greatly and let her go is amazing. Christ is on display in your life."

Piper's father died a few months back. Here are his closing thoughts on what may have transpired in heaven:

"I believe Felicity and her great grandfather met each other early Sunday morning in the presence of Christ. And my father said, perhaps, “Hello, Felicity. I’m your great grandfather Piper. Come, there is somebody I want you to meet. His name is Jesus. He’s the reason you’re here. You don’t need to be afraid. Your Savior has led you all the way. And Jesus does all things well."

I find it difficult to comprehend the pain associated with such a loss. However, I know the God of all comforts. Certainly a world watches as Christ-followers grieve at a time like this. What a blessing when Christ Jesus is on display in the lives of His people.

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