Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Football and Faith

I took a hint from Tim Challies and read an article in ESPN magazine about the Detroit Lions QB Jon Kitna. Apparently this guy is a solid Christian and not ashamed to speak about his faith in Jesus Christ. A second article about Kitna contains the following statement by the quarterback:

"(In the Bible), we are told to consider the interests of others before ourselves," Kitna said. "What a great principle for a football team: 'I'm concerned more about my teammates than myself.' You live your life that way, and hopefully, it spills over into your football. What God wants me to do in my walk of life is to be the quarterback of this football team. Mainly I'm just trying to lead. But if the spiritual intertwines in that, that's awesome."

In a culture where many make claims of 'faith,' Kitna appears to be the genuine article. There are many others too and they seem to be bringing an essence of 'salt' and 'light' to the NFL. I spent time in locker rooms during my playing days in Jr. high and high school (Go SAHS currently undefeated). If there is a place that could use the presence of God its a football locker room.

Not everyone that professes faith in Christ will be called to vocational ministry. Yet, each Christian is called to minister where they are. The Lord can use accountants, lawyers, banker, engineers and even NFL quarterbacks. All to his glory.

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