Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Fields Are White

Here's a brief update on our church's outreach efforts in our community.

We are slowly making our way into some area neighborhoods conducting "surveys." The goal for this portion of our outreach is to be visible to our neighbors and express a Christ-like, caring attitude. While there are evangelistic elements to these surveys, and we may engage in gospel conversations, that is not the primary goal. Tonight my daughter and I covered one street in a fairly large subdivision. We did not speak with tons of folks, but the ones we met were a real mixed bag. Only one individual seemed from all indications to be a genuine believer. You must understand that our church is in a very affluent and growing area. A destination community for many. Still, it seems there are so many without Christ. My heart breaks for those folks that have all the trappings of this world, and yet they are lost and hopeless.

I have several friends that have traveled across the oceans to share Christ. One friend left today for Kenya. However, it is clear that if you travel across your street there is likely someone there who needs the gospel. Laborers are needed.

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