Monday, October 29, 2007

A Long Way From Strawberry Road

Over the past week or so I have joined a group of my high school classmates in email conversations about our upcoming 25 year class reunion. Just to type those words almost makes me loose my breath. I can hardly believe it has been that long since I walked the hallowed halls of St. Albans High School. Wow, I'm old.

It is good to reconnect with old friends. There are a few guys that I maintain contact with. Too few actually. Many of my distant friends will be quite shocked to learn that I am a Baptist pastor. Quite a departure from who I was 25 years ago.

Actually, I am the same guy, only my heart has been transformed by God's grace. I did not come to faith in Christ until the age of 29. By that time there was much damage done along the way. I bear the scars of a life lived for self. Seeking the things that seem so right, but in the end are so fleeting. Who I am today is a real testimony to what God can do. In his sovereign providence I have come to this place. A place of forgiveness, joy and love. Real joy and real love. Not the stuff I chased after for so long. The struggles of life continue. Yet, I have a new and wonderful perspective.

I grew up on Strawberry Road. The "old home place" is still there but my family has moved on. It was in that house that I first was told of the gospel of God's grace in Christ. My neck was stiff, my head was hard and I did not hear it. But, my Mom and Dad continued to pray for me, the "prodigal." I am so grateful for the prayers of my family and for God's mercy. If you have a child that is out in the world, take heart and continue to storm the "throne of grace" on their behalf.

Talking with my friends has caused me to reflect on where God has brought me as well as where I was when he found me. I have come a long way from Strawberry Road. Amazing.

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Brian said...

I'm glad our paths have crossed in God's grace.

Journey on, my friend!