Friday, December 14, 2007

Our Disturbing World

Recent news stories, along with personal encounters, have caused me to ponder the disturbing nature of our culture. It doesn't take long to see what a mess our world is in. You can hang all the decorations you like, this world is still a broken place. Holiday cheer and blockbuster retail numbers won't cover it up. What's more, you can accuse politicians all day long but they are not to blame.

There is a blatant disregard for morality and virtue. People seem to have no concept of personal responsibility. This is especially prominent in young people. Integrity and honesty are quickly fading into the background.

Of course the root cause is simple to isolate. You will find the beginning of all these woes in Genesis 3. Sin is a terrible thing. It is played out before our eyes daily. And it is disturbing. However, you will also see in Genesis 3 that there is hope.

It is this hope that we celebrate at Christmas. Although Christ Jesus was born in a Bethlehem manger, that is not his beginning. He was promised in Genesis 3:15. This verse is the first announcement of Good News. The angel's announcement on a Bethlehem hillside thousands of years later was really just a reminder.

Into this broken and disturbing world came eternal hope. Hallelujah!

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