Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Holiday Road Trips

Many families will be taking "road trips" during Christmas. I have some vivid memories about our family trips. We almost never traveled during the holidays. Most of our trips were for family vacations. Nonetheless, time spent travelling is always fun, at least when the kids stay "on their own side" of the back seat (flashback to anger and tears).

Road trip games are a great way to enhance the quality of time spent in the car. Here is a list of games you may want to use during your upcoming trip to visit family over Christmas. Some of the items on the list are very familiar to our family, others are rather new ideas. This list is taken from the articles section of the FamilyLife web page. This page is a good resource for all things family.

I think we will try a few of these games when we head out to "Grandma's house." Happy Motoring! (10 points if you can identify the origin of this slogan)


Jim C. said...


Maybe I'll see you at home.

Jon Cyrus said...

Very good Jim. Esso, which became Exxon. Not sure when they dropped the slogan. Notice the exit sign is for our beloved hometown!

Indeed, maybe we will meet up in SA over the holidays.

Anonymous said...

Looks like I was bamboozled by Wormbob. In all honesty I was going to say "Exxon" so I guess I lose. Your right Jon.....I would not have recognized Chas.....all three are beautiful.