Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Steeple One Year Old

It was a year ago this week that I ventured into the world of blogging. I must admit that I have often suffered from "blog block." However, the goal here is to share my heart and a few words of encouragement. I make no claims of genius. I am also prone to focus on things that are not always vitally important.

One of my father's favorite sayings was, "Let's keep the main thing the main thing." While that may mean different things to different people, for Christians the main thing is the gospel. We don't talk about it enough. We don't think about it enough. But we ought to. We can not "get over" the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is relevant everyday for those who have embraced it.

Echoing the theme of Paul from Philippians 3:8, John Flavel wrote, "All other knowledge, how much soever it be magnified in the world, is, and ought to be esteemed but dross, in comparison of the excellency of the knowledge of Jesus Christ." (The Works of John Flavel, Vol. 1 "The Fountain of Life")

I have an enormous way to go on this journey to "know Christ" and fully comprehend the gospel. This blog is part of the working out of this process. One of my goals here is to shine the light of the gospel onto the "information superhighway" in hopes that someone may see it, and embrace it.

If you are a frequent visitor to The Steeple, or first time visitor, thanks for stopping by. I trust you have found something here that is helpful.
We press on.

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