Friday, December 7, 2007

Politics and Religion

Although I have only heard 'sound bites,' apparently Mitt Romney gave a speech in which he addressed the issue of religion in the political arena. I agree with much of what I heard. The main point that I would agree with is that faith is important but ought not be a 'test' for support or rejection of a candidate. Did you really expect "Mormon-Mitt" to say the Whitehouse would move to Salt Lake if he's elected? No real surprises here. However, he did make comments about the free exercise of religion that certainly will make many secular liberals very uneasy.

For me, Mitt is a bit shady, or slick, or something. I can't quite put my finger on it. It has less to do with his religion and more to do with his personal presentation. I'm wondering, can a true conservative really come from Massachusetts?

It is no surprise that Mike Huckabee has made a surge in recent days. From my perspective this candidate is clear and articulate. A solid choice for Republicans. I still wonder why some of the evangelical pundits have not aligned themselves with the former Arkansas governor. Here is a link to Huckabee's plan to address illegal immigration. Very solid.

Brian is doing a bang up job keeping the world informed about the inappropriate mixing of politics and religion. I would encourage you to stop by his blog often for running commentary on the mischief of some candidates.

The bottom line for Christians: We ought to pray for our leaders and be active in the process. Yet, our ultimate trust is not in men.

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