Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Being Encouraged

On two occasions in the past day and a half I have intentionally gone to visit folks to try and offer them some encouragement. The result: I was encouraged! This is a fascinating situation. One that I am certain is the way God intends it to be.

Yesterday I went to a nearby nursing home to do a Bible study with a few residents. There were about 8 who attended. All but one had to be brought to the room in their wheelchairs. The only one who came on her own power was a little lady who just celebrated her 100th birthday! We sang a few old hymns, read some Scripture and had prayer. It was wonderful. I'm not sure what the residents got out of it, but the Lord really blessed me.

Today I went to visit with a church member who has been sick and unable to come out. She hasn't been to church in nearly a month. She is our oldest member, and also one of our most faithful. Missing church is very hard on her. She told me that not coming to church makes her feel "hollow inside." We talked for a long while, read Scripture, prayed and shed some tears. After I had read from 1 Peter chapter 1 she said, "That just makes you want to say hallelujah!" Wow, what a blessing.

So, that's how God works. I'm going along trying to do a little bit for someone else and wham! He does one of those indescribable God-things. What a joy He is. And, what a real encouragement too. Kind of makes me want to say "hallelujah!"

[The picture above is my favorite lighthouse, Corolla, NC. Doesn't have much to do with the post, I just like it.]

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