Thursday, May 29, 2008

Worship Quote

"Regardless of what we think or feel, there is no authentic worship of God without a right knowledge of God...[which is found] in the revealed truth of Scripture." Bob Kauflin, Worship Matters, pg. 28

Although in the context of this quotation the author is speaking to worship leaders, I believe it is applicable to all of us.

I'm still "thinking" about the previous post. This quote follows along with the discussion. (Actually, there is no discussion. That would require you to provide input or comments.) So, we press on.


Thad Noyes said...

Hey Jon. I really did mean to comment earlier. Now I am shamed!! :)

I think worship, in one sense, can simply be defined as an appropriate response to the person and work of God. That is, to relate to him with our whole being in the way he created and redeemed us to do. I'm thinking of the first and greatest commandment, and how that is made possible through the cross.

That means what we do with our minds, time, bodies, wills, affections--it all matters, and will find an expression both when we are gathered corporately on the Lord's day as well as every moment throughout the week.

Jon Cyrus said...

Thanks Thad for weighing in. Good words and so on point.

We (the church/leaders)have confused the issue with some of our language, i.e. calling Sunday morning our "worship" service.

Certainly our lives must be lived daily in worship, with all our heart, mind and strength.

The Sunday gathering is a corporate expression and reflection of joy and fellowship as the Body of Christ. In addition to a time of discipleship, learning, giving etc.